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Ewa Stachura

Dr hab. inż. arch. Ewa Stachura

Ewa Stachura is professor of architecture at the State University of Applied Sciences in Raciborz. She is a practicing architect with extensive professional design experience as the owner and leader of ‘ES’ Architectural Studio. Her work includes the design of houses and public buildings together with interiors of banks, shops and private houses. Another important part of her work is project revalorization/ refurbishment that includes a large number (approximately 100) of heritage objects such as tenant houses and palaces. Ewa has considerable academic experience delivering nationwide post-graduate training courses for developers and other real estate specialists. Currently she coordinates and runs design studios, lectures and workshops in contemporary architecture, town planning and real estate. In addition, she holds BA, MA post-graduate seminars and has postgraduate supervisory experience mentoring PhD students in the field of architecture. Her research interests are interdisciplinary covering contemporary architecture, urban design and sustainable urban space.

Ewa has published five books and several scientific papers on a diverse range of subjects such as modernist architecture, heritage and contemporary housing in Poland. A book titled Determinants of Housing Architecture in Poland (2009) discusses economic, social and cultural factors that condition architectural development of housing. Another book, Consumers’ Housing Preferences in Poland. Models of Inhabitation (2013), is based on a nationwide survey that examined and analysed residential preferences and aspirations in Poland. The results show a correlation between preferences and aspirations and the level of wealth, place of living and household type.