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Vyara Kyurova

Vyara Kyurova has been Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the SWU “Neofit Rislki” (Bulgaria) since 2015. Vyara Kyurova has been a Faculty Member at the Management and Marketing Department of the SWU “Neofit Rislki” (Bulgaria) since 2005. She holds a Master degree in Accounting and control. In 2011 she acquired a PhD degree in Economics and Management; the topic of her PhD thesis was “Seasonality and competitiveness in hotel business”. She became an associate professor in 2014. Currently, Vyara Kyurova is teaching several courses, including Marketing, Stock and sales policy, Prices and pricing, Pricing strategies, International stock exchange, Bank marketing. She is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Entrepreneurship, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of China-USA Business Review and Chinese Business Review and part of the Organizing Committee of two international scientific conferences. Her research interests include tourism, marketing, entrepreneurship, consumer behavior. She is the author of more than 46 publications, most of which are in the field of marketing and tourism.

Vyara Kyurova has been involved in several projects, both at university level and international ones. Her experience in international project work includes two projects under the European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece – Bulgaria 2007-2013 (EGNATIA VAE and Skills Balancing), where she acted as an expert, lecturer/trainer, local manager and financial manager. In her latest project (Skills Balancing), she is currently working on the creation of an electronic guide for lifelong learning and a network for lifelong learning strategies.