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Keiki Fujita

The author was born and grown up during the period when the Eastern countries owned the many colonies in Asia. His house was lost by the bombing of US armies. When Japan reconstructed from its ashes, he worked in Japan's core industry and learned a lot of reconstruction and restored process of the nation.
Since then he has worked at UN agencies and at universities, and his desire is the establishment of peaceful society. In order to build and maintain a peaceful society, industries and business development based on science and technology are indispensable items.
Therefore the key theme of him is "Inclusive Sustainable Industry and Business Development". His research results have been published in many academic conferences around the world, and are in books, papers, bulletins.
They are classified into ①Science and Technology ②Industrial Business Management ③International Relations.
Describing all of it can not be done because of the number of papers, but as a result of the above studies, the current conclusions about his researches can be summarized below.

① Refer to the latest technology trends and fully make use of the results in daily work.
② Always to keep Eco Efficiency management in mind in daily activities.
③ Pursue related personal satisfaction such as employees and customers.
④ To develop constantly human resources, management is committed to self-Renewal.